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Productions 2018


  • Formato
  • Game Show

This game show is successful in many countries such as Argentina, Uruguai, Peru, China, Greece, Hungry, Mexico, Portugal and now Brazil.

Raid The Cage is a modern take on the classic game show. It’s boisterous, noisy, fun and full of comedy.
A giant cage full of glittering prizes you can only dream of. Unlock it, and you can take whatever you want. Some prizes you can grab and run with…others won’t be given up so easily. But don’t outstay your welcome, as the cage will only open for a short time before its doors will slam shut and you and the prizes will be trapped. How do you get in? That depends on your partner and how clever they are. A correct answer to a question will open the doors to the cage for anything up to 90 seconds. A wrong answer and the Cage and all its treasures will remain closed to you forever. No pressure – but you really can’t afford to let your partner down. So many prizes – but when you only have 20 seconds where do you begin?





25 Ep


50 Minutes


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