Floresta is a joint venture between the executive producer Elisabetta Zenatti and Sony Pictures Television, with exclusive access to the Sony Pictures Entertainment catalog.

The production company aims to create and produce Premium Entertainment. It works in partnership with broadcasters of open TV, closed and platforms of streaming in global formats and original formats.



"Floresta has always shown great efficiency in the artistic development of the projects and excellent qualification of its team."


Elisabetta Zenatti

Managing Director of Creative

With over 20 years of experience in television production, she began her career as a Creative Officer for GAT in Germany and then joined the SPT team in São Paulo, responsible for marketing and licensing of entertainment formats. In 2000, Zenatti founded and successfully led a production company in partnership with RGB for six years. In 2006 she was hired by TV Bandeirantes as Director of Programming and Production, responsible for developments, productions, quality control and programming.

Adriana Silva "Dida"

Managing Director of Operations

Managing Director of Operations at Floresta, has an history in the company since 2011 as an Executive Director of Production. Graduated in Radio and Television at Methodist University, she began her career at TV networks SBT in 1997. She worked at RGB Production Company in 2002 and later at TV network Record in 2004 as a coordinator and an executive producer. In 2006, she headed the fiction production department and later became the Director of Production at TV network Bandeirantes in the area of Entertainment and live Events. Adriana has a large experience in national and international productions of different genres, scripted and non-scripted, branded content, news, sports, as well as special events, both recorded or live.

Flavia Faifman Morete

Content Director

Graduated in Radio and TV from Metodista University, she started off her career on Cinema but soon changed to TV. She worked in reality, game and talent shows, documentaries, live events and more. She also worked in different production departments for RGB, Canal Azul and TV7 for both broadcast and pay TV. In 2007, while on Bandeirantes, she worked as AD and Unit Director for different projects. She is on Floresta since 2008 now as the production company's Content Director.

Ana Lia Almeida

Chief Financial Officer

Graduated in Radio and Television at FAAP in 2004, she began her career in the film industry and soon went on to television. She has worked in productions of reality shows, game shows, talent shows, documentaries, live broadcasts, among others. She has worked in several production areas in RGB, Canal Azul and Tv7 production companies, providing services for both open and pay TV broadcasters. In 2007, at Bandeirantes TV, she worked as assistant director and external director in different projects. She has been working at Floresta since 2008 and currently she is in charge of the Content Direction in the company.

Roberta Guzzon Godinho

Fiction Production Direction

With a degree in Social Communication at the Methodist University and specialization at the New York Film Academy (USA) and Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión (CUBA), she began her career as a radio producer. When migrating to television in 2007, she worked for five years in drama productions, both in Bandeirantes and SBT broadcasters. She became part of the Floresta team in 2011, working in major productions such as the national and the international versions of reality show The Ultimate Fighter. Today, she leads Floresta’s Production Management and leads teams in drama, reality shows and branded content.

Telma Fernandes

Entertainment Production Direction

Graduated in Radio and Television Broadcasting, she has been part of the Floresta team since 2012, where she works especially in the production of reality shows and entertainment for open and pay TV.
Throughout the 23 years of work in production for TV, she was in charge of important shows at Bandeirantes and Record TV channels. At Floresta she has produced established formats such as, The Ultimate Fighter, A Fazenda, Power Couple, Shark Tank Brazil and Are You The One ?.

Rogerio Farah

Entertainment Development

Graduated in Radio and TV at ECA-USP in 1995, he began his career at Cultura TV station in SP in the shows Castelo Rátimbum and O Professor. After this experience with dramatics and education he began directing several programs for Roberto Marinho Foundation (Telecurso 2000), Futura Chanell and TV Escola among others. In 2001 he joined the management team of the reality show Casa dos Artistas (SBT). He then directed a series of programs in the genre: While You Were Out (Discovery), A Fazenda (Record), Papito in Love (MTV), Batalha dos Cozinheiros (Record), the Sitcom “Partiu Shopping” (MSW), Miss Brazil (Band). At Floresta, he is in charge of Shark Tank Brazil (Sony) and he directed the first season of Lady Night (MSW).

Erick Andrade

Fiction Development

With over 18 years of experience in the Portuguese audiovisual market, in both varieties and fiction, Erick has acted as an executive producer and content director for Portugal's largest producers and broadcasters such as SIC, TVI, RTP and RTP2. In 2013, he returned to Brazil with the mission of bringing Spain’s largest content producer, Globomedia, to the country; hence launching GLM Brazil in partnership with the current Barry Company. With this, Erick developed and produced programs for GNT, Multishow, Viacom and Turner. In 2015, he returned to Madrid and assumed the general direction of GLM Portugal/Brazil, while also working as Globomedia’s consultant in Madrid. In 2016, he was invited by TVI to return to Portugal to work on the company’s internal and external content, where he held office until the end of 2019.

Chica Barros


Graduated in Cinema at FAAP, she began her career at MTV in 1997, where she worked in several regular and special shows, including musicals, studio shows and live shows. After 4 years in the channel, she was invited to join the Direction team of the reality show A Casa dos Artistas (SBT). Later she worked at Globo Sao Paulo for 4 years, at Altas Horas show, where she was responsible for editing and the content of the shows’ stories. At Record she specialized in reality shows, directing 9 seasons of A Fazenda and 2 seasons of Power Couple. For MTV, she directed 2 seasons of the show Ex on the Beach Brazil. She directed other formats like the game show A Fuga (Band), with Datena as the host, and the doc reality Doctors, for GNT channel. She is part of the Board of Directors from Floresta.

Lucas Diego Lopez


Graduated in Social Communication at the Methodist University, he began his career in the radio as an intern at SBT. He worked at Bandeirantes TV station, and for the four years he was there he was part of the teams from several shows. He specialized in photography direction and direction. He has been working at Floresta since 2011, where he was part of several productions such as The Ultimate Fighter and Power Couple. As a director he directed reality shows such as Are You The One? Brazil and Are You The One? El Match Perfecto for Mexico, Humoristinhas, a comedy show for kids (Multishow), as well as branded content projects such as Cozinhando no Supermercado and Fanta - Os Donos da P **** Toda.

Andrea Jurno


With a degree in Public Relations from FAAP, she’s been working in the audiovisual industry for over 15 years . She has worked in production for companies such as TV7 and TV Bandeirantes, where she participated in several projects, live programs, event coordination and play-writing. She has also been in charge of casting for soap operas aired on TV Bandeirantes, Record TV, and for series aired on cable networks. Andrea has been working for Floresta since 2012, coordinating several entertainment programs, reality shows, series and events.

Thais Falcão

Development and Screenwriting

With a degree in Radio and Television from Universidade Anhembi Morumbi and a specialization in fiction screenwriting from the New York Film Academy, Thais began her career in TV Bandeirantes in 2008. She took part in screenwriting and development of reality shows and docu-realities for Discovery H&H, Record, MTV, E!, Sony, SporTV, GNT, Multishow, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. In fiction, she was creator and screenwriter of the Urban Terrors anthology (Record, Space and Warner), Beyond the Island (Globoplay and Multishow), Bugados (Gloob) and the head screenwriter of Vai Passar! (Globoplay). Currently she works in Floresta’s fiction creation and development department.

Natália Michelin


With 18 years of experience in the audiovisual market, she has produced realities, sports, soap operas, live broadcasts, shows and DVD recordings. Over the course of 12 years, she held several different functions at Band such as field producer, post production coordinator, content supervisor, as well as artistic coordinator and digital strategist.
She led digital campaigns with a global impact for large television formats. All which contributed to a significant multi platform audience growth, and created important commercial opportunities. She has been part of Floresta’s development team since 2019.

Beatriz Saueia

Social Media

With a degree in Radio and Television from Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, she began her career in 2019 at TV Bandeirantes. Two years later, she migrated to the fashion industry, running campaigns and editorials for the largest magazines and brands in the market. Ever since 2013, when she began working at Floresta, she participated in several projects such as THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER, TUDO PELA AUDIENCIA, MODA S/A, COZINHANDO NO SUPERMERCADO, and has taken part in special events such as MISS BRAZIL, MY NICK AWARDS AND MIAW MTV. Since 2016 she’s been a part of the content, development, elaboration of materials, research and trend analysis teams, in addition to helping out the content team and managing the company’s social media.

Telma Fernandes

Entertainment Production Direction

Graduated in Radio and Television Broadcasting, she has been part of the Floresta team since 2012, where she works especially in the production of reality shows and entertainment for open and pay TV.
Throughout the 23 years of work in production for TV, she was in charge of important shows at Bandeirantes and Record TV channels. At Floresta she has produced established formats such as, The Ultimate Fighter, A Fazenda, Power Couple, Shark Tank Brazil and Are You The One ?.

Eneida Mourão

Legal & Insurance

Graduated in Business Administration at FAAP, she started her career at KPMG Consulting Company and in 2001 she started working with television productions at RGB production company, where she worked in several productions including 2 seasons of the soap opera Floribela (Band). In 2006 she went to Bandeirantes TV station, where she stayed for 5 years. Later she worked in a digital communication agency. She started to work at Floresta in 2017 as Production Manager, focusing on fiction, branded content and projects that were partnerships with National Production Companies.

Rodrigo Almeida

Post Production

With 12 years of experience in the audio-visual market, he has worked for reference broadcasters and production companies, he was responsible for coordinating large projects in various formats, such as Reality Shows, Series, Documentaries, Institutional programs, Entertainment shows, Talk Shows and Games Shows. With extensive experience in the creation and implementation of workflows, systems management and media, he has been part of the Floresta team since 2012 where he is responsible for the coordination of the post-production of entertainment and fiction projects.

Fabio Tavares


Fabio graduated in Radio and Television from FAAP and specialized in scriptwriting at the New York Film Academy and editing at the New York University. He worked on the production of several television programs for different broadcasters such as Band, Record and RedeTV. But it was only while working on the field that he got in touch with editing and decided to change his career path. In his 15+ years dedicated to post production, he worked as a coordinator, supervisor and editor in chief for several Reality Shows. Among them were Project Runway (Band), Idolos (Record), Got Talent Brasil (Record), Papito in Love (MTV) and De Férias com o Ex (MTV), which was nominated for an Emmy. Besides this, he’s also worked in several different projects and formats such as documentaries, music DVD’s and promos; always involved in language development and editing, art and visual formatting, and quality control. He has been part of Floresta since 2018.

Thiago Pedroso


Thiago earned his JD/Law Degree from Universidade Católica de Santos (UniSantos) and International Law Doctorate from Universidade de São Paulo (FADIR-USP). Thiago’s practice has begun in a prominent tax law firm, advising key corporate and tax matters for large Brazilian and multinational companies. Since 2014, he dedicates himself exclusively to the entertainment law, more specifically to the audiovisual sector. In Brazil and abroad, he has already advised the financing, development, clearance, production, post-production, and delivery of TV series and feature films. As a Floresta team member, his primary responsibilities include negotiating and drafting agreements relating to production company projects (both fictional and non-scripted projects). Thiago also works as a Professor in Law and Film Schools, both at undergraduate and graduate level.

Wilderson Cotrim


With a degree in Accounting Sciences from - UNICID and a postgraduate degree in Controllership from FECAP, he began his career at Gesplan Assessoria Contábil in 2009 where he worked in the accounting area. In 2011, besides working in accounting, he worked part-time for Floresta as an outsourced Controller for projects such as E Aí Doutor and UFC Brazil. In 2014, he worked for Luxottica Brazil as Senior Accounting Analyst, and in 2015 began working full-time for Floresta. Today he is in charge of developing intelligent financial and management reports, as well as implementing new controls and guidelines along with the financial team. He’s also involved in team management, creating managerial controls for executive productions, and supporting the production, financial and accounting teams.