Game Show

6 EP

45 MIN

In the game show format, with six episodes, four entrepreneurs from the same sector will have to present their ideas, impress the judges and convince the audience, in stages of elimination. They will be put to the test and only the two best will reach the last stage, with an initial value already guaranteed in their pocket. The final decision as to which one deserves to receive the grand prize will be in the hands of the 100 people in the audience. Winning this jackpot will not be easy and, before knowing the result of this choice, entrepreneurs will have to dare and make a bet with everything they have already conquered. It’s all or nothing!

To help competitors also test their business models, the panel of judges is made up of businesswoman, journalist and activist for racial equality, Luana Génot, in a fixed chair. In each episode, Luana will have the participation of a guest judge – Camila Coutinho, Luisa Mell, Leo Picon, Mariana Rios, Enzo Celulari and Carole Crema will use a specialized look in their areas of expertise to evaluate the products presented on stage

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