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Floresta, Sony Pictures Television’s (SPT) production company in Brazil, founded in 2010, is a leader in premium content and one of the main production companies in Brazil working simultaneously with a variety of players for Free, cable and streaming. The company’s catalog includes a variety of genres and stands out with a wide array of long-running series like Shark Tank Brasil, Ex on the Beach, Soltos em Floripa, Top Chef, Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, Se Sobreviver, Case!, Lady Night, Bugados and Dono do Lar. The production company also hosts live events, such as The Kids’ Choice Awards by Nickelodeon and the MIAW Awards on MTV. With an experienced and diverse team, Floresta has produced 50 programs and more than 120 seasons and has established itself as a production company with projects throughout Brazil, Latin America and the world. For the success of its productions, the production company has won Globo´s Group Excellence Award for four years.

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